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28 September 1988
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80's music, a perfect circle, a static lullaby, alexisonfire, alice in chains, alkaline trio, ambry, america's extreme magazine, animals, armor for sleep, australia, benton falls, boston, brand new, bright eyes, bubbles, burns out bright, buttons, camber, camping, catch 22, caution tape, certain sports, chronic future, coheed and cambria, cuddleing, dane cook, daphne loves derby, dead poetic, death cab for cutie, diablo i&ii, diners, driving with friends, drop dead fred, east on december, emery, emo, emo glasses, etch a sketch, eyeliner, fall time, fashioncore, fire divine, flair, foamy, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, funeral for a friend, glassjaw, goldfinger, grattitude, gutter mouth, h20, hair dye, halloween, hawthorne heights, hemp, hot action cop, hot hot heat, hot water music, hugs, icons, invader zim, jim carroll band, juliana theory, jumping, keyboarding, laughing, legends, letter kills, local h, lock and key, matchbook romance, meeting people, moneen, motion city soundtrack, movies, mozart, music, mxpx, my chemical romance, n*, name taken, napoleon dynamite, nightmare before christmas, nofx, normajean, notebooks, notecards, patent pending, phantom planet, pictures, pins, plain white t's, planes mistaken for stars, polka dots, procrastination, punchline, rain, rancid, ratchet and clank, rebellion, recover, red animal war, richard cheese, rise against, saosin, savestheday, senses fail, settlefish, sick shift, sleeping, slick shoes, slowride, smashing pumpkins, snow, snow patrol, sounds like violence, stars, stickers, sunny day real estate, tbs, the academy is, the appleseed cats, the bled, the clash, the fight, the labyrinth, the matches, the misfits, the movie life, the postal service, the promise ring, the ramones, the rocket summer, the sex pistols, the skeptics, the strokes, tim burton, tsunami bomb, unusually small items, video games, weezer, with broken wings, zebrahead... the beatles, zoo's